About hotel

Odessa is famous with its openness and hospitality: getting here, you become part of an incomparable local charm and live in the same rhythm with this city. It is in Odessa that one wants to feel real home comfort, at least for a few days feel like a local resident, habitually and leisurely to leave the house and take a stroll along Deribasovskaya street, enjoy the play of sunlight on the sea surface, visit the famous Privoz market, and return to the hotel, feel pleasant tiredness after a busy pleasant day and relax with comfort. You will get all this by choosing Geneva Park mini-hotel for accommodation.


The Geneva Park mini-hotel has only 13 rooms, which means a small number of guests. Therefore, you can fully enjoy your stay in one of the “Standard” rooms, or appreciate the spaciousness of the “Superior” room type. The well-located Geneva Park Hotel allows you to take walks to the city’s top attractions. The historical part of the city of Odessa is a unique atmosphere, the legendary Deribasovskaya just a few steps away, the Odessa Opera House and the best beaches.

The interior of the hotel is made in a loft style. Everything is made from environmentally friendly materials: cotton and linen fabrics, wicker furniture, wood and natural stone. The interior of the rooms is perfectly combined with the color of the Odessa courtyard in which the hotel is located, which also allows you to feel the spirit of the city and retire in silence, away from the bustle of the city.